Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Hang on, friends. I think I picked the best of the best, since the offerings have been less than inspiring lately.  According to the 1st Quarter Report for the entire company (encompassing Urban Outfitters, Free People and BHLD, as well as Anthropologie), things should start looking up.  They seem to be taking note of customer disappointment. I hope this is true, and we get back to better fitting, more whimsical choices.
Click on the name of each to link over to the online site.
Here are the things I tried on:

Cuernavaca Maxi, $158
I liked this dress. I tried on a 4, and it felt just a little loose.
I would like to have tried on a 2, but there weren't any on display.
It felt very luxurious and comfortable, but now that I see the
pictures, I am not sure if the fit is right for me.
What do you think?

Fluid Form Dress, $138
I loved this dress. It is interesting, and a beautiful color.
It is well-made, and fully lined. I see myself using this
as a go-to on a regular basis. Size x-small.
(This came home with me, but have yet to pop the tags.)

Slouchy Tapered Trousers, $118
I am usually drawn to pants that other people reject,
so that must explain these. I tried on a 4,
and they were true to size.  I love the bow waist.

Summer Souffle Dress, $198
If you read my blog at all, you know that I have
Polyvored this dress to death. I added it to my wishlist the week it
hit the website, and look at it often. This was my first look
in real life.  I am totally smitten. Waiting for 1st cuts.
I have money saved, but hate to pay full-price for anything!
Size: Tried on 4 and 6. This is the 4.

I LOVE the details!

This belt works perfectly! And it came home with me. :)

Night Moves Chemise, $68
This is another lounge as dress I have been watching.
This is the x-small. I would have liked to tried
small as well,  but they jumped to medium.
I actually like the back longer than the front alot.

En Route Blazer, $98
Sorry for the blurry picture.
You KNOW I have been after this jacket
since it came out. I really wanted it WITH this dress.
Found an x-small in the second store,
so this may or may not have come home with me.
(Looks innocent.)

Retro Rose Cardigan, $118
I love this cardigan more in person than online,
even though it has been sitting in my wishlist for a while.
I tried on an x-small, but think I would buy the small.
Arms are a little snug.

Wandering Wake Tank, $48
This has also been high on my wishlist, but I was a tad
disappointed in real life. I tried on the x-small,
and was sized out of it.  I felt like it was a little roomy
under the arms. But in the pictures, it looks fine.
May reconsider. Keeping wishlisted.

Glanz Dress, $158
There was nothing wrong with this dress. It was well made,
and the fit was good. It is cute. It just didn't "wow" me.
Tried on a 4.

Peggy and me in the dressing room. :)

Horkelia Shift, $178
I picked this for the color, but loved the fit and style
once I tried it on.  I love the detail of the exposed zipper,
and feel like this could be very dressy, or just church appropriate.
Tried on a 4.

Chartreuse Shoots Dress, $168
I liked this dress, but it was very sheer on top. I am frustrated
by the price-point, considering that detail. I love the print and fit.
Tried on a 4. Also, I see online there is a fabric belt, but it
was not included on the dress. Peggy and I both tried it on.

Unknown romper.
I love rompers. They are cute and comfy and can be dressed up or down.
This was would be cute with wedges and a long cardi.
But Maddie hated it when I showed it to her, so now I wonder
if my judgement is clouded by my nostalgia for rompers. :)

Jungle Call Convertible Romper, $68
I was very enchanted with this romper as well.
It is even more comfy than the first, and can be worn so many ways.
Excuse the bra straps. I just loved the print and the pant-style.
Tried in an x-small. Wishlisted.

Happy As A Lark Sleep Pants, $48
These have been a must for me. I loved them more in real life!
Tried on a small. I like my lounge pants a little big.
That's it! What do you think?

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