Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And the Tour Continues....

I promise I am not even almost done with my tour of San Francisco. I know that this is boring exciting, but I took so many pictures, I could not decide what to share, so I broke the trip down by day.
We had a violent storm rip through last night, and lost power for about 14 hours, so no post from yesterday. (We were blessed, and only suffered a messy yard, and the loss of a piece of siding from our home.)
On Monday morning, Peggy, and her husband David- along with their kids picked Jay and I up from our hotel, and took us on a driving tour of San Francisco and Muir Woods.  David grew up there, and knew a lot of information, but I think I bombarded him with questions. I am such a not-so-closet nerd, and information junkie.  My husband makes so much fun of me.
I was obviously enchanted with the Golden Gate Bridge.  I grew up on the East Coast, where bridges and tunnels are a way of life, but I have never seen such a beautiful bridge with such an amazing backdrop.  Something about the color and the landscape speaks so deeply to my soul. I see God in nature, more than any other place, and being in California was very spiritual to me.

The Presidio Army Base

View of the under-side from Fort Point, a Civil War era Fort.

 David also drove us over the Bridge, and past Sausalito, and up to Muir Woods.  It was simply amazing! The tallest trees in Virginia are pine trees, as far as I know. Those magnificent Redwoods make pines look like dwarfs! This is the oldest original-growth California Redwood forest in existence.  I do not believe my camera really captured the beauty.
Entrance to Muir Woods

Trying to capture the incredible height. 

These beautiful flowers were growing all along the hills and trails.

A trail we climbed...

Look carefully... See the chipmunk posing for me?
I still can't believe I caught it!

The foliage was stunning!

Loved all the moss.

Jay and I at the entrance. (Thank you, David!)

Inside one of the trees!

More to follow! Are you guys sick of this yet?

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