Sunday, May 8, 2011

17 Years of Mother's Day

Today I celebrated Mother's Day with my four awesome kids, my mother in law, mom, Memaw and sister.
We went out to breakfast with my mother in law, then to church, then home- where Jay fixed us a nice spaghetti lunch.  For my gift, Jay gave me a bracelet from Tiffany (that I had been admiring for almost a year), and a sweater from Anthropologie, and the kids all gave me cards and lots of hugs and kisses (the best gift EVER!).

Me and my kids (left to right) T. J., Madison
(holding Samson), Zachery and Cory.
My Memaw, Me, Madison, and my Mom
I took a minute to sit on my son's lap (yes, you read that right), and thank him for making me a mother 17 years ago, and also to tell him how much I love being his mom. What a treasure to be the mom to such amazing kids.
Then I spent the rest of the day cleaning. For reals. :)

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