Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrifting Jackpot

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. I hit the JACKPOT yesterday!
Normally, I find a good thing or two here and there, but yesterday, I found this Diane von Furstenberg romper brand new WITH the original security sticker/tag still in place inside! Original retail? $195, thrifted for $5.99!
Also, I came across these Dansko's with the thrift store size tag of size 9 on it.  I picked them up because they were in brand new condition also- with every intention of seeing what they were worth on eBay to maybe earn some shopping money for our San Francisco trip.  When I got them home, and got to looking carefully, I noticed they really didn't look like a size 9, they looked my size.  I peeked on the insides, and it said 38- euro sizing. Which is MY size! So I tried them on, and they are a perfect fit! I was so excited! I can't find these on the internet anywhere, so I don't know the retail price, but I paid $5.99. These type of sandals usually run anywhere from $90 to $125.

These read bronze, because of my flash, but they are a true chocolate brown.
Also, here are some better shots of my Hotline deer tee find:

Even the back is cute!
If only it were sequined like this:
Here is my OOTD for today, with some bonus pictures (you know you love it!):
Shirt: J Crew Perfect Plaid
Pants: Cartonnier Pleats Galore Crops, Anthropologie
Shoes: Guess Wedge Sandal, DSW
Belt: Roxy, thrifted
Necklace: American Eagle
Lack of a hair-do: Cory, needed chips for class

I ordered these pants on a whim,
because they were a steal.
I like them so much I want the black too.

Ooops, forgot the lipstick before this picture.  Bland face. LOL
 Madison, Rachel and Zach ran around in the rain for a few minutes, and got soaking wet. Madison thought it would be so fun to put on her swim-suit and skate in the rain. It lasted about 5 minutes....

Hmmm... She looks like someone.... Can't quite put a finger on it...
Nope. Not a clue.

My other daughter, Rachel posing for me. :)
Lots more thrifted finds tomorrow....

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