Wednesday, March 9, 2011


While my J was stressing through his major interview, I suffered through some mad stomach issues, and a migraine, and hit up the Chevy Chase Anthropologie and the NEW accessories store.
I found some great deals at the Anthro store, picking up these fresh markdowns- some on third cuts!
Anthropologie - Level 99 Cinched Cargos customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratingsSoft Cuff Cargos |
Anthropologie - Soft Cuff Cargos customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings

And I found these for Peggy of She Hath Done What She Could:
Old Clem's Peep Toes$39.95, free ship! ;)
Buuuuuut................... On to the good stuff!
I finally got to experience the Anthro Accessories Store!
Here is your eye candy:

Does this face make you laugh? This is the face Jay gets when he acts completely clueless.
How hard is it to take a picture of the shoes?! ;)

Seychelles Catch-Step Booties
Bivel Crowd Favorite Sling-backs
Seychelles Salutations & Closings Heels (so cute!)

Shelleys Miniver Lace-Ups
All these boxes were for me!
Narrowing the choices...
And here is what came home with me:
Within The Lines Heels
Schuler and Sons Within The Lines Heels
This is the pair Jay and I both agreed on, and he insisted I pick my favorite pair and buy them. What a great guy! The store is beautiful, and the service was amazing. My girl happily pulled pair after pair of shoes, made great suggestions, and was so pleasant to be with.  If you get a chance to go to DC, you should make this high priority on your shopping list.


  1. soooo jealous! can't wait till my booties come- a million thanks again!! Love the pic of you and Jay

  2. What a beautiful store! I wonder if they have the Clockwatcher necklace (that got LOST in the mail...and now it's sold out!) All of those shoes are just the pair you ended up getting!

  3. How fun! I will have to try to sneak up there sometime. What a good hubby!

  4. How FUN!!! What agreat looking store...and all those shoes! Seychelles has really outdone themselves this year. Love the pair you brought home and can't wait to see what you wear them with!

  5. Ooh! THanks so much for sharing those pictures! So glad you got the opportunity to check it out. I love the Schuler and Sons shoes you!! Great choice.

  6. Awesome shoes. All of them! But, especially the ones you bought. We need to talk soon about a shopping trip. :)