Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay in the second half of reviews. I had a little detour! ;)

Here we go...
The rest are dresses (I think I saved the best for last).

Lapis Lazuli Shirtdress, $98

This dress was fabulous.  I picked it up strictly for the color, since it is a pretty simple dress. Size 4. But once I got it on, I was in love. The cut is perfect and it is extremely comfortable. I could see myself jazzing it up with great jewelry and some sparkly sandals, and a nice belt. (My belts were outside the dressing room, and I was getting tired of being in there for so long!) Wishlisted for sale.

Spring-Ready Dress, $98

This dress was beautiful on. It has a coordinating liner that is separate from the dress, so it was very easy to put on. I tried on the x-small and it fit great. I feel like I tried on a ton of basics- very unusual for me, but I really like the color offerings and draping from Anthro for spring.  Wishlisted.

Land of Springs Dress, $118

I tried this dress on because I liked the catalog styling, and the stripe.  The drape and cut is very nice, but as stated below, all my junk is in my trunk, so it was rather "around the way girl" on the bottom. (You liked that reference, didn't you?)  I think I tried on the x-small, so I would like to try the small on to see if it would still fit up top and give more room in the booty.  I like this for summer.

Incorporated Dress, $118

I have had this dress on my wishlist since it came out, and could not wait to try it on, but boy, was I ever dissapointed! It felt too big on bottom (kind-of a big deal for me, since my junk is ALL in my trunk!), and too small on top. I love the concept, and though about sizing up, but that would have made the bottom even bigger.  I tried on a small, I think. No-go for me, but I am thinking about making myself one with a better fitting top and making the skirt myself. 

Wiltern Dress, $168

I tried this on only to do reviews for the blog, but once I got it on, I was in love.  I was chatting with the girls in the dressing room, and they said not many people are reaching for it, b/c it does not look like anything fabulous, but the FIT is amazing.  It is flowing in the front, but it has a band of gathering in the back that keeps it from being maternityish. It is very flattering, and the detail is interesting on the neckline.  I loved this dress.  The price is high, so it may have to hit a couple of cuts for me to get it.  Worth trying on. (I tried on the small, I believe.)

Fountain of Youth Dress, $128

Another fabulous basic. I loved the fit- tried on the 4, but would like to see the 6, for the bust room (never thought I would say that. Thank you, Victoria's-Not-So-Secret!), but overall, I really liked it.  The price is high, considering a few of the the others I tried on were equally as nice or nicer. I will wait this one out...
What do you think? What is on your wishlist right now?


  1. Great reviews! I'm so glad you liked the Lapiz Lazuli dress. It did NOT work for me, but it is beautiful on you! I also LOOOOVED the Spring Ready dress. In fact, it is on its way to me in the green color. Felt the same way as you on the Incorporated dress (was totally "meh") and the Fountain of Youth dress (definitely too tight up top for me). Thanks for the pics!

  2. Love the dresses you tried, I want a few of them too, but since they are more basic I will definitely hold out for a sale. For some reason I'm more likely to spend full price on a crazy print...

  3. Jan, me too. I am SO excited for you. My fourth baby has brought me so much joy.