Thursday, February 3, 2011

OOTD Outfit 30 (I Don't Like an Audience)

It is really hard to take your OOTD pics when you have the paparazzi beating down your door your four kids standing around laughing at you.  And finally my 15 year old (today!) asked me why I was using my tri-pod.  "Um, HELLO! I don't want to ask any of you people. You are laughing at me." So Cory takes the pictures crooked and off center, just because it is funny.  But I can't get mad at him, b/c he is so stinking cute,
and besides, 15 years ago today, the doctor said, "Stop pushing!" And I said, "I am NOT, he is just coming!"  (Thank the Lord for a baby with a small head.)

Here is day 30:
T: J Crew Sequined Art
Cardi: J Crew Jackie
Pants: Loft
Shoes: Seychelles
Earrings: Touchstone Crystal

Nice, huh?


  1. Your son is...well he's a total hottie in 15 year old speak, lol, Happy Birthday to that handsome boy! You look too young to have teenagers! I love your shoes!

  2. Ditto what Jan said! You are a young Mama! Yea for you! I have my kids take my pics b/c my husband laughs at me and I feel retarded! Happy Bday to Cory!! Way to go on outfit 30 - you are counting them down eh? Clever idea!

  3. Such a good looking son! :) Happy Birthday to him! I love your outfit today. Super cute and comfortable. I love your Seychelles too! :) Are those the Mary Janes that are from Anthro that also came in Turquoise? So adorable! I love how your shoes match your cardi too. Such a great combo of different colors and textures. :)

  4. Jan- About the hottie thing. Yes, I know. And so does every girl between 13-18 we know. Ugh. Also, thank you. I am young. (only 34, can you believe there is one older than him?) LOL

    Peggy- Yes, I am counting them down. Reverse psychology.

    Elizabeth- THANKS! I was unsure of it. I don't think it "matches" or "goes", but it was in the stack, so there you have it. I don't know if Anthro carried these. I stalked them on DSW online, and used my Christmas gift cards and coupons. They came in black, tan, & turquoise on DSW, here is the link: