Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 30 for 30 Picks (in all their glory)

I genuinely feel sorry for the rest of my closet. It got shoved ALL the way to the back.
Here are my pics, Lord help me.

And a proviso.  My man and I are taking a trip to Kansas, to see if any houses have fallen on any witches- so that we can snap up a good deal, and re-locate our nest.  (There is a great job opportunity out there...)
It is currently blowing up a gale out there (I don't know the storm lingo for the Mid-West, I live at the beach, remember?), so I may need my rubber boots. But I didn't add them to the 30 for 30, b/c I don't typically wear them as part of an ensemble.

Okay, here we go:
3 Skirts

3 Jeans/Casual Pants

2 Woolies- we are headed to Kansas,
and it is still cold here in VA- well not
today, but that is another story.

8 Shirts (hey, call me chicken)- one is on
order, and should arrive in a day or two.

5 Sweaters

3 Dresses

6 Shoes (this was the hardest part)!
I ordered these Keds a few days ago.
So there you have it. Oh, and I told my best friend about it at the gym this morning, so now I have an accountability. Believe me, she will not let me budge.
Anything you love/hate. Any advice or ideas? :)


  1. great picks! You will do great. Accountability is a great thing. I so wanted to shop the Anthro sale and buy some cheap jewelry at Kohls but I kept seeing Kendi in my head, so I didn't.

  2. great choices! i love your dress and skirt choices.
    and good luck in kansas. i grew up in missouri, just across the state line from kansas. and i lived in missouri again as an adult for 2 years, also, just a few minutes across the state line. we are die-hard state of missouri people. all my husband's co-workers lived in kansas(johnson county) and thought we were the weirdos for living in jackson county. i digress. good luck. i hope it goes well.