Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 for 30, Day 5 (I am running out of time) Let's Talk

So I did the math, (and now you know my inability to calculate numbers accurately) and I am out of time on the 30 for 30 challenge since tomorrow is the last day, and I still have 4 posts to do. So, either I call it a wash, or I pack in 4 outfits in one day tomorrow. What do you think?
I think the dilemma came in getting sick and not getting out of PJ's for 3 days, and not changing out of my running pants one a couple of days. Any way it happened, and although the past week has mostly consisted of me staring wistfully into my closet thinking, "Why did I EVER think I had nothing to wear."  And the contents of my closet answering me (in my mind of course!), "Don't blame us, we have been trying to tell you.  We are packed like sardines in here!"  Sooooooo, I guess the point of the exercise has been made. I need to be MUCH more selective about my shopping.  I obviously don't need quantity, so the focus will be quality.  I think what I miss the most is my shoe variety.
I have two shopping opportunities this week. Tues/Weds in DC (during J's interview) and next weekend.
I want to decide before I go how to spend it.  Quality, quality, quality!!!
Here is my OOTD for today:
Dress: Dillards
Sweater: J Crew Corwin
Shoes: Seychelles Kiss At Midnight, DSW
Necklaces: Dillards
Bracelet: Dillards
Belt: Anthropologie, Cake Decoration

I also have not shopped for 30 days. I wonder when the withdrawals end?


  1. LOL @ your conversation with your closet. Love it! I think my clothes would tell me the same thing. I have been trying to think of my closet as an exclusive party, with me as the bouncer (i.e., I need to be more selective in my shopping), but it's easier said than done when Anthro sales stare me in the face.

    How fun that you'll have some DC shopping time! Rumor has it that there will be lots of markdowns at Anthro on Wednesday.

  2. You might fall over when I tell you this, but I JUST found the magic that is Anthropologie about 4 months ago. I got the perfect handbag from them, and then ordered 2 cuffs, a cardigan and a dress.

  3. JG- SO funny. We both talk to our closets. I am determined to be MUCH more selective.

    Liz- WHAT!? You poor, poor girl. I feel bad that you have missed out all this time. LOL
    I have been a long-time believer. I think I bought my first piece back in 2006!