Saturday, February 5, 2011

30 for 30, Day 28 (Yee Haw, Ya'll!)

So, call me crazy (again), but this challenge got a little easier yesterday.  Perhaps it is because I was at the church all day setting up for the Chili N Jeans night.  We had Lisa Welchel as our speaker, and I cried my blooming eyes out last night, so you will not be seeing any pictures of my eyes today. (See this post.)  She spoke about friendship, and when you combine what amazing friends I have with the possibility of relocating, and having to find new friendships, you get a Debra that is feeling just a little sorry for herself.  I HATE making new friends.  I like my old ones just fine. I feel so socially inept.  But I believe that the God who has called us will not leave us.  So we move on.  (Also, on with me continuing to quote Scripture to myself. :)

So... Here is my day.
I like this picture. There are no faces involved. I might continue this.
No make-up was harmed in the making of these OOTD's.

Shirt: JCrewlet, Perfect Shirt
Jeans: UO, BDG Ciggarette
Shoes: Dillards, Michelle D
Sweater: JCrew Jackie Cardigan
Necklaces: Old Navy (cheap, cheap)

My Anthropologie Sparrow Walking Trails Overcoat.
Still love it as much as the day I got it.

These mirror pics were for Peggy, so she could see what I was up to.

The dinner set-up.

Lisa speaking.

Me and Lisa Welchel- for Peggy.


  1. That gingham shirt is cute as a button - I'm glad it was such a powerful time listening to Lisa speak!

  2. Ohhh yea!! You and Lisa- love it! Don't you just feel like you know her?? All those episodes of Facts of Life I watched and loved. Sounds like a great night and I love your gingham get up!

  3. You look great in the gingham with that color of the cardi - and the pearls are the perfect touch of chic-ness!

    I have to flexible as Gumby in my job, so in my regular life, I totally know what you mean about wanting things to stay the same and unchanging! However, change goes hand in hand with life and new experiences that help to make us more complete people.

  4. Great outfit and listening to Lisa sounds like it was so moving and inspirational!

    Making new friends as adults can be difficult but if you go into it with an open heart and mind, people will see what a great person you are in no time!!!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I try not to unload much, and really am generally happy. Just trying to adjust the new possilities. "Whatsoever state I am in I will be content."

  6. I'm a remixer too, and love your outfits! and! I am very very jealous that you got to listen to Lisa Welchel speak, AND meet her! Very very cool!