Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays Sometimes Get Me Down

I am not your stereotypical girl over here.  Here is why:
1. I love football.  Seriously.  Like, don't call on Sunday. I will screen you like a bad telemarketer.
2. I don't hunt, but I think it is awesome.  I don't eat the meat, but I support those who do.
3. I don't like to cuddle. (This is a "G" rated blog, I won't go into detail here. We are all adults. ;)
4. I don't cry.  You know the scene in Alice in Wonderland- the Disney one, where Alice cries the room full of tears?  You will never see that in my house.  Ever.
5. I love it when my man has guy time.  I think he should have it.  I don't want him to go get pedicures with me, I want him to hunt and fish and grunt and fart.  (Well, not that last part.)

So, for a girl who never cries (refer to #4), I have cried buckets of tears in the past 4 days.  Yesterday I cried twice. Once because I got my feelings hurt (really?! THAT never happens.) And the other time?  One of the kids brushed something on one of the glass shelves in my kitchen, and knocked my prized turquoise refrigerator dishes off all the way to the floor, where they shattered into a gazillion (yes, that is a number) pieces.  So I swept and cried. I know they are dishes, not people, and it is not rational.  They were not just for looks, I did use them, but I was still sad.  They remind me of my childhood in my grandparents home.
They were stacked like this:

On this shelf:
That was the before, here is the after:

Fast forward to today.  How dreary. It has been raining all day. I feel like Gloomy Old Eyore today. I forced myself to get dressed and go somewhere. I went to the Thrift Store. I found a couple of treasures. Then I came back home and got into my P.J.'s. I think the Winter Blues are officially setting in. Here was my OOTD:

I love this skirt. I picked it up thrifting, and have been looking for a way to wear it.  I also got the sweater while thrifting.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! You never cry? Well then maybe the last few days you are making up for lost time! I would cry too if my vintage turquoise set got broken! Sorry to hear that! It's raining here today too and I've had the major blues, but I realized today why if ya know what I mean. Rain doesn't help! Love that Target skirt- I don't remember it, must have been before my Target obsessed days!

  2. It wasn't carried at all Targets. I looked it up and it was select stores. I also found the shorts in the same pattern, but they were WAY too small for my mom-of-four hips. :)

  3. Oh, and I think THAT has something to do with my crying too...

  4. i bawl all the time. it's like 2nd nature. and i would have cried big time about the dishes.
    and i would have cried happy tears about this skirt. this whole look! i think you nailed it!

  5. oh, man, i'm a definite crier. and those dishes? the color's awesome. totally worth a few tears. love the skirt.

  6. Aw, I understand. I collect vintage Pyrex and had a set of four pudding cups. My daughter knocked one to the floor. I was so, so upset. Those were beautiful! It looks like you still have some other nice ones, too.