Monday, February 7, 2011

30 for 30, Day 26 (Plus 7 random things you really never cared about)

Here is my OOTD, minus part of my head again. Believe me, it is better this way.
Shirt: Brooks Brothers Stripe Button Down, Thrifted
Jeans: UO, BDG Ciggarette
Sweater: Anthro, Sparrow Masked Stripes Cardigan
Shoes: Nine West, Roothy
Necklace: Dillards
I was recently tagged by the fabulous Heidi of Heidluxe to tell you 7 things about myself.
Thanks, Heidi! I am sure the world is just dying to know 7 things about me. (Oh, the pressure. What if I can only come up with 6 things. Or what if I come up with more?)
so, i have to:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Award seven recently discovered (by me, anyway) great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
So here goes:
1. There are two things I get extremely jealous about.  Insanely jealous. 
A) When I am driving down the street (especially near my house) and someone is out running.  Like, that could totally be me. Why am I driving in my car when I could be running.  Who cares I am wearing 4 inch pumps? I would rather be running.  S.N.- This is even true if I have already done a run for the day.  Doesn't matter.
B) When someone ELSE scores a great thrifted find. That totally should have been me.  Why wasn't it?  This is especially true of shoes and furniture.  Don't ask me why. 

2. I love hip hop. WHAT?! Don't get crazy. I don't actually listen to it.  The words are terrible.  I listen to music that will be uplifting and positive. But I love crazy music. Therefore, I clean and sew (and sometimes dance with my kids) to some MAD TobyMac. (I know. Now your parents won't let you be friends with me.)

3. I love to read. Like obsessively. You are probably thinking, "I like to read a lot too." No, it is worse than that. Don't believe me?  How about now?  Still no?
Okay well, listen to this:
When I was getting ready to start Jr High, I was riding my bike home from a friends house, and decided to read a book to pass the time (it was a long ride, okay?!).  This was a bad idea.  I ran into a parked truck (you know, the pickups with the cab on the back?) and hit my face on the glass.  I wrecked the bike, and required a plastic surgeon to pull the tooth chips out of the skin above my lip and close it up.  I now have a Mercedes sign scar on my upper lip.  Very cool. Don't play, you know you want one.

4. I have been asked multiple times if I am my kids' babysitter.  Not as much recently, since my boys are bigger than me. Now people ask them to, "hook me up with your sister."  This drives them and husband crazy.  I just feel sorry for them.  Believe me, this implied youthfulness has not always been welcomed. It is hard to get a doctor to take you seriously when you look (and actually are 18,19 years old) and think your kid has a life-threatening illness.  This has really happened.  My second son was born when I was 19, and was born with Pyloric Stenosis. The doctor accused me of starving him. I was producing plenty of milk.  He was actually starving to death.  Good thing I did not let them dumb me down, we pushed for more testing, and a simple ultrasound later, we had the answer.  (This is the cutie that had a birthday last week!)
Which brings me to my next point.

5. I don't have a college degree. In fact, I have never taken a college class.
I used to be embarrassed about this.  Until I talked to some of my friends from high school who went off to great colleges.  They got a little too smart.  In fact, they lost ground in their faith, and who they really are inside.  I don't want to lose that, and I don't want my kids to do that.  (But they are going to college.  Our son has applications out at the Naval Academy.)  Don't get me wrong, I think education is VERY important. I just think it is tough to hold on to your values in this day and age.  I am a smart girl. I read like crazy. I read political books, history books, the Bible, biographies, even textbooks along with novels, magazines and newspapers.  I want to be cute AND smart. I just want to do so in a way that develops strong character.

6. I have a serious obsession with coffee.  It is really bad.  I visited my friends in Pasco, Washington last May. The coffee state. There is a coffee house in every business. The Jiffy Lube, the Scooter Store, the Drug Store, the Hardware Store. It was absolute bliss. Coffee everywhere. My little heaven. (Oh, and the mountains were stunning too.)  So now I am addicted to this Buzz Joy coffee that my friends hooked an iv into my arm and made me get addicted to.  I feel bad about this, and did not want to snort drink alone, so I brought some home with me and got Jay hooked too.

7. I love everything vintage.  My mom tries to show me my baby pictures, and all I can see is the cute maxi dress she is wearing while holding me.  Everyone is looking at a picture of my grandpa in his favorite chair, and I notice the flocked drapes behind him.  I sold our leather sectional on Craigslist, and bought a blue velvet sofa from the thrift store.  Here is what the shampoo guy said when he came to clean it, and I quote, "This looks like it has been sitting in some old lady's living room covered in plastic for 50 years."  Woo Hoo! Jackpot.  Old things are WAY better than new.

Here are my tags, you little stylish bloggers, you. I haven't checked to see if any of you have already done this, just picked randomly....


  1. You're so funny to read! I live in Richland, WA so I am very familiar with the coffee huts everywhere, even right next to McDonald's and Starbucks, and they have lines all the time. AND, they even have the bikini and lingerie coffee huts here. I didn't drink much coffee before I moved here, but who can resist??

  2. You are hilarious! I actually have read a book while riding a bike, and phew! I am super relieved I didn't suffer your same fate. I'm not a college grad either, and you know what? Big whoop - it would have been a lot of wasted dollars since I really don't desire to have a career outside of my home. A degree isn't the only thing you can "fall back on" I have an amazing family, church family and my faith "just in case something ever happened"

    I really enjoyed reading more about you - these tags are so much fun! You should tell us what great books you've been reading! And P.S. I love that cute sweater!

  3. Reading and riding a bike - that's a new one! I agree, you're hilarious!

    As for the college thing, while I agree people getting as much education as they can is an important thing, college is also not for everyone. And also just because you have a degree doesn't necessarily make a person more qualified for certain jobs over other people who don't - I think life and work experience count a lot more! I'm all for higher education, but I don't think a person's worth or intelligence should be based on whether or not they went to school past HS.

  4. (I love this font on your blog - I kind of want to keep typing just to see the words, haha!)

  5. Terri- Wow! I can't wait to go back there. I have been talking to my girlfriend with regularity about it. I want to take my kids in the worst way. Can you spell, "R O A S T E R S"?
    Jan- I think you and I just might be two peas in a pod. I have three boys too. (God just took mercy and gave me ONE girl!) And I fully rely on God to provide the way for me. :)
    Lisa- My husband is finding this out currently. He is a super smart man, and has worked SO hard to get where he is. He got out of the Navy b/c he missed the birth of our first son, and would have missed the second. He is at the top of his company through pure work, and natural sales talent, but he is being held back b/c of his lack of college completion. He can work circles around these 12 yr olds with a degree! LOL
    However, I do value a college education, and as stated, my kids are GOING! Haha

  6. i also get totally jealous of people who are running. i get so excited for them. i am addicted to that endorphin high.
    and one of my biggest peeves are those who "when they are learned, they think they are wise". drive me nuts.
    and this font is great!

  7. Hey! Just saw you tagged me! :) I will definitely get on this! :) I laughed at some of these since I can completely relate and agree. I love the running one. If I haven't worked out in awhile, I do too get jealous. :)