Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 for 30, Day 25 (Just for Laughs)

So, since I was just a barrel of laughs yesterday, I have some more funnies for you:

What do you get if you cross an eel with a shopper?
A slippery customer.

What do you get if you cross a zebra with an ape man?
Tarzan stripes forever.

What do you get if you cross a tiger with a kangaroo?
A stripey jumper.

What do you get if you cross a pig and a telephone?
A lot of crackling on the line.

What do you call a crazy spaceman?
An astronut.

What do you get if you cross a student and an alien?
Something from another universe -ity.

What do you get if you cross a snake and a lego set?
A boa constructor.

What do you get if you cross a bumble bee with a rabbit?
A honey bunny.

What do you call a rabbit who is really cool?
A hip hopper.

What do you call a horse wearing Venetian blinds?
A zebra.

The Hip Hop one is my favorite (obviously)....

Here is my OOTD, which actually did get some laughs.
Me: "Hey, Honey. I need to run out and get a few things done."
J: "Oka.... Wait? What are you dressed up f... OH, that's RIGHT. You have that dumb challenge thingy."
Me: "Yeah, duh!"

So I just could not do the jeans one more day, and I didn't want to wear tights, because it is seasonally warm here today. Don't get jealous, this is Virginia Beach, after all. We tell people, "Don't like the weather here? Wait five minutes."  (It is supposed to snow Thursday.)  Oh, and I can't go out with my bare legs, because I haven't shaved in two weeks. Why, you ask?  (Oh, come ON, you know you are curious!)  Wait for it.........................................................................................

I am trying to make my little boy a teddy bear using all natural materials.  I have been pulling the hair out of my head for the stuffing, and growing my leg hair for the body.

Not really. Did you believe me?

I go tomorrow for a waxing appointment.  Not just for my legs.  You know, the really painful waxing. I just thought if my legs were burning the other stuff would not burn as bad. I am a big fan of illogical reverse psychology.

Like how my head is cut off?  I think this might be the next new fad!
Come on, everyone! Cut your head off!

Shirt: Gap
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft Wool Skinnies
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Dillards Gianni Binni
Necklace: Old Navy (cheap, cheap)
Earrings: Dillards

Still have a sick face, mascara only, but I was hoping you would be blinded by my "British Red" lipstick.

"Aaaaaand! Cue Fans! Model pose!"

My sweeeeeet thrifted belt.

My sweet Dillards find.  Cuper somfy!

You wanna see waxing before and afters? Okay!  (Legs only, people. Don't get crazy!)


  1. Whoa, those LOFT pants are SO cute! They look awesome on you! And those shoes! What a find! Great outfit. You don't look sick at all. Wish I looked as good when I was under the weather. I'm a pale, frizzy, dark-circles-under-my-eyes mess :)

  2. Where is the sick face of which you speak??? YOu look gorgeous today! I love those shoes! And I can't wait to tell these jokes to my boys tomorrow at breakfast - my 8 year old already rolls his eyes at me...but I won't let that discourage me ;)

  3. love your whole outfit! Your hair looks so beautiful!! And I looove those shoes! You look great in the red lipstick -I look retarded in it! I'm with Jan - this is your sick face?? please.........
    My kids are going to love these riddles!

  4. this whole post cracked me up by the way! It's a trend - come on, everyone cut off your head! hahaha

  5. Not everyone can pull off red lipstick but girl, you can! You look fabulous in this cute outfit..those shoes are the perfect fit for the look. Loving the cute jokes...right up my ally!

  6. I didn't know you live in Va Beach! I live in Chesapeake! Since Richmond has the closest anthro...I figured most anthro blogs were in nova that were in va. So, do you mostly shop online with anthro than?
    p.s love the lipstick!

  7. Alicia, Wow! Small world, huh? I go to Richmond as often as possible. My husband understands my love for Anthro, and he travels for work, so he often brings home goodies. I try to only order online or by phone the things I have tried on, so that I don't have a lot of returns. And thanks on the lipstick! I have always been a "red" or "nude" lip girl. :)