Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 for 30, day 15 (No, I didn't skip a day, I just didn't download it off my phone.)

Here is today's OOTD. I woke up with a killer migraine, but I had my niece to spend the night, and she and Zach wanted to do something....
What did they want to do, you ask? 

Chuck E Cheese! What else would they ask a mom-who-has-a-migraine to do?

That place is a hot spot of humanity, let me tell ya'.

Shirt: Gap
Shorts: Gap wool
Sweater: J Crew Jackie Cardigan
Necklace: Gift from friend, Dragonfly boutique
Shoes: Ciao Bella
Belt: Target

Close-up of the necklace

No, I am not mad, just pretending to be....


  1. cute with the shorts! I can't see your polish in this pic - did you take it off already?

  2. I cleaned my whole house Friday, and chipped a couple. I am completely anal this way. Once one is chipped, it all has to come off. :-(

  3. Oh you poor thing. Migraines knock me out cold. I can't imagine going to Chuck-E-Cheese of all places! How did you cope? At least you looked fab!

    Btw, responded to you on my blog, but I'll post here too. I did end up going to both Anthros in Charlotte. You were right...both are totally different! I enjoyed going to Northlake. Hadn't been there in YEARS and it has totally changed for the better. I normally go to Southpark because I thought it was the best mall, but I really enjoyed NL and everything around it. Ended up getting some great stuff, too! Thanks for the suggestions :)