Monday, February 21, 2011

30 for 30, Day 12 (I am such a total bum)

Here is today's OOTD. I totally went with the "Mom Uniform". The 'ol tank & cardigan with jeans.
I returned a few things at the mall, met my man for lunch, couponed at Harris Teeter, and hit Sam's Club. Where I wiped out the fruit and veggie section, thereby causing the girl at the cash register to ask if I were making a fruit salad.  I told her, "No, I just have a bunch of kids."  She said, "You a gooood Mamma!"  Well, yes. I like to think so. Mother of the Year Award Nominee. The lady at Sam's Club said so, so it must be true. :)
Tank: J Crewlet
Cardigan: Also J Crewlet
Jeans: UO BDG Cigarette Jean
Shoes: Keds Fall Champ Stripes

Me: I know. It is hard to recognize me without any make-up.
I just couldn't do it today.
To offset the total "bum-ness" I came home and ran almost 3 miles with my son. How amazingly awesome it is to have a son that can run with me?


  1. That is awesome to have a son that can run with you. I wish my kids could do that. I really need to get a jogging stroller at some point. I think you look great without make-up. I was in the same place today. I tried to compensate by wearing a dress. I think your mom outfit looks awesome.

  2. it rocks- you rock! and your outfit is adorable with the keds!!!

  3. LOVE the top. The shoes are cute too, but today, the top gets my vote for favorite item. :)