Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday Church OOTD + A bonus

So..... This outfit is a story (isn't it always?).
I coveted this skirt from Anthropologie I tried on back in July here. But it was $89.95. In. The. Sale. Room.
Yep.  You read that right.  I kissed that puppy goodbye.
But I checked on it a month later. I tracked one down in a store out on the west coast. Still $89.95. 
So a had pretty much given up on it, since they had sold out so many stores. But part of me still really wanted it. So I stalked ebay for it, and found a few, but still at a very high price.  A few weeks ago, one popped up in my size for $24.99. I saved it and showed it to Jay and told him there were no bidders, so maybe it would close and the seller would re-list a little lower. (I know, I am crazy. Anything to save a buck!)
I got up the next morning a checked it and noticed it had sold. I figured (again) it was not meant to be.
Then I get a notification on my email that a package has been shipped. I knew I didn't order anything, so I clicked on it. IT WAS THE SKIRT!  My sweet, wonderful man had stayed up late bidding on it, and won.
He was in D.C. in meetings all day, so I had to wait for him to call me to thank him (profusely).
So here is my first time wearing it. I am so in love. :)

Shirt: Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
Skirt: Anthropologie Madchen Diamond Flame
Shoes: Nine West navy pumps
Necklace: twisted pearl (given to me by pastors wife!)
Earings: Premier jewelry (free by having a party)
Zach trying to get in my OOTD pic. :)

My silly self-portrait, trying to show you how I wore with this scarf for church
My people were done taking pictures by then.
 And here is what I changed into, to make lunch and hang out with my family....
(Consider it a freebie. :)
Shirt: Old Navy button down (thrifted)
Sweater: J Crew half zip (thrifted)
Jeans: F (wishiwere) 21
Shoes: Gap ballet flats
And yes, I am a big-time dork.

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