Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Mostly Sale)

I'm sorry for the delay between this set of reviews and the last. I underestimated working retail during the holiday season, and getting ready for family in town. I wasn't going to run these, and had just decided to discard, but since they went on sale, and I have an unexpected couple of days off, I figured I would do a quick overview for those thinking about hoping on the 30% off sale. Here goes...

Paprika Brocade Dress by Leifnotes. Size 4.
As much as I try to stay away, I am still strongly attracted to a beautiful strapless dress. At least I have reached the point where I can try them on and not try to justify their purchase!
The closest thing we had to a Christmas party was my husbands office dinner, but I wish we had a party to go to, since this would have been the perfect thing to wear. The waistline hits right at the rib cage, and then pleats out beautifully. The brocade was absolutely gorgeous, and just the right stiffness. And who doesn't love pockets on a dress? The length is just right, to the knee. True to size, fully lined. Love it.

Ruched Stripes Column Dress by Bordeaux. Size Small.
And the hits just keep on coming from Bordeaux. I don't know how they keep on doing it, but I seem to be loving nearly everything they are putting out right now. The pleat and stripe placement is perfect for highlighting our figures, while taking away from any flaws. In this case, the large black stripe hides a tummy. I love the little v-dip in the neckline (hard to see from my photo's, I apologize). Again, the length is just right on this one. I wish the sleeves were to the wrist, but that's something I can easily overlook. Wishlisted.

Petaled Chroma Chemise by Saturday/Sunday. Size X-Small.
This cutie from the lounge section caught my eye because of the little bikes in the print. This one works as a lightweight casual little dress, especially with a long cardi, tights and boots. It's not lined, as it is designed as loungewear, so it's thin. Very cute. (and now on sale)

Agnes Dot Chemise by Lili's Closet. Size Small.
This one was also in the lounge section. I thought the lace overlay was very cute, but I wish I could have tried an extra small. This one was too big and even more thin than the last. It has potential, but it is a pass for me.

Flyaway Embroidered Dress by Leifnotes. Size X-Small.
The reviews are mixed on this one, but I loved it on my friend Mechelle, so I had to give it a try. I picked it up in a small and extra small, but the small was loose in the top, so I bought the extra small. I have to admit, I haven't worn it yet. I look at it every day, but haven't come up with any great styling ideas. I think it will be great for work, since it's got a semi-casual vibe, due to the t-shirt top. Suggestions?
Bottle Green Dotted Party Dress by Vineet Bahl. Size X-Small.
I loved the bow front of this dress, and the print is beautiful. However, the fabric is so soft, that it doesn't hold it's structure, so it felt slubby. It's such a shame, because in any other fabric choice, I thought it would be a total winner, and could even be layered over a basic tee for more casual use. I thought the fit was great. It has elastic ruching in the back where it zips, so there is room for movement in the rib cage. The starting price point was way too high for this dress, but it is now on sale at a much more reasonable price.

Scoopback Maxi by Bordeaux. Size Small.
This has been a long attempt of try-ons, including petites. I think I finally settled on the size small in the regular length. I love the brown colorway the best, and the fit is just right. For some reason, I just haven't pulled the trigger on it. I think what's holding me back is that I haven't been wearing my other maxi dresses as much as I thought I would, so I can't justify it's purchase, no matter how beautiful.
This dress is all the right proportions, from the sleeve length to the scoop back. The under skirt is short, only just above the knee, which I actually really like in theory. I'm not sure how well it works in an every day situation. I'm still considering this one. (2nd cuts?) Wishlisted.

AG Legging in denim. Size 28.
Since I love my AG Farrah's so much, I thought I'd give another style a try. I like these denim leggings, especially the dark wash. I wish they had the high waist like the Farrah's, but they are not too low. AG has the market on fit, and these are no exception. These are spot-on in the waist and set. Love.

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  1. Love that black and white dress on you! Amazing! The maxi is so pretty. I love mine but haven't been wearing it much. I want another one but can't justify having 2 if I don't even wear one. I have worn the Flyaway dress twice. Both time a little dressier with flats and a cardi. I think it would look cute with my flat black boots too. I have been meaning to try it that way. Maybe with my black velvet blazer.