Monday, September 17, 2012

Thoughts From a Foodie

I love food. A LOT. I love to eat it and I love to bake make it. Unfortunately, I love all types of food, both healthy and unhealthy, which means sometimes I don't exercise my self-control. Since I love to bake, and baking usually involves sugar, I have been off the charts in my sugar intake.
I also love/hate to run and I bike as well, so I do burn off a lot of calories, but not enough to justify this mass sugar intake. I am training for another 1/2 Marathon, but I don't feel well when I eat a ton of sugar, so I need to make some changes.
There are a few things that I put into place for myself, to help keep my eating in check, like no eating after dinner, no fast food more than once a week, no sugar in my coffee (I drink coffee by the gallon)...
So here's where I hope you can help. What tips do you have in the diet and exercise department? What has or has not worked for you? I would love some dialog in the comments section so maybe we can help each other out.

Sweater: Anthro Banded Ripples Tee (similar, beautiful cashmere, cowl neck version)
Jeans: Anthro Pilcro Stet Slim (here, bootcut, rolled)
Belt: Thrifted Calf Hair Belt (similar, bargain!, i want this)
Shoes: Seychelles Flamingo Flat (cute print, look how cute!)
Bracelet: J Crew Tortoise Cuff (cheaper, embellished, wider)


  1. Hey I'm training for a half marathon too! I eat way too much sugar I'm no help!

  2. The coffee will help and tell Jay not to bake anything!