Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anthro Drooling (A Few More Random Reviews)

Last weekend, Jay and I made a fast trip up to Sioux Falls, SD to visit his friends. The major stop on the way there and back for lunch was in Omaha. Little did we know, there is a ton of shopping there! We enjoyed our stops, with lunch at a fantastic place called Paradise Cafe (also a Panera Company).
I didn't buy anything, but took about 20 minutes to browse Anthropologie before eating lunch. Here are the few things I tried on.

 Ruffled Flight Cardigan by LeifNotes. Size X-Small.
I couldn't wait to try this on. Basically, if it has birds on it, I love it. I have loved birds as long as I can remember. Add polka dots, I'm smitten. Navy blue? Love that too. This whole sweater is a "winner, winner, chicken dinner".
The photos above are the X-Small. It fit fine, but since it is very unlikely that I would ever wear this with just a tank (as seen), I decided to try on the Small. (below)

 Ruffled Flight Cardigan by LeifNotes. Size Small.
As you can see, there is more breathing room, which would be great for layering. This sweater is made of wool, but there is an adorable silk ruffle in the back, which I adore. It is these types of details for which I love Anthropologie. The length is more cropped than I prefer, but that works out fine for layering. Petites will do fine in this. Taller girls may not like it, but I highly suggest giving it a try.
I finally feel like Anthro is returning to the designs I fell in love with years ago with the release of this sweater. Top of the wishlist.

 AG Stevie Neon Ankle. Size 28.
These jeans have been calling to me, much as I tried to resist. I don't have anything this unusual in my closet, and I have to admit, I love them. They fit as well as my AG Farrahs (different rise), and there is just the right amount of stretch. I just don't know if I can justify spending this much money on such a trendy jean, even on sale. I'm going to keep an eye on them.

 Pindot Chambray Shirt by Cloth & Stone. Size Small.
These chambray shirts were on the displays near the colored jeans. Since I've been looking for a better chambray shirt than the one I currently have, I wanted to try them on. I really like this. The buttons don't run all the way down the front- this is similar to what J Crew calls a popover. This style works well on me, since my belly is my trouble spot, and I have to be careful of button-down shirts in that area. I love the subtle dot, not noticeable unless up close. Wishlisted.
Note: I have no idea what's up with the online images of this top. The photographs make it look like a completely different shirt. It reads so much better in person.

Washed Denim Buttondown by Elevenses. Size X-Small.
This chambray top is very similar to the Washed Chambray Buttondown, which I reviewed earlier in the week in my mega review posts. They are both super soft, and both made of Tencel, a fabric made from sustainable wood pulp (boom. mind blown.), and organics tend to be softer. I love them both, but the main difference is the sleeve length. I also love the high/low hem on this as I did the previous. I thought this whole look was adorable. The denim top with the colored jeans and sandals. Eventually I will have to settle on just one chambray. I don't need more than one, but at least there are options!

What do you think of the colored jean trend? Are you on board or bored?

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