Thursday, June 7, 2012

VA Touring

We have been going non-stop, but I just wanted to share the wedding photo's with you.
Jay has twin sisters that are 10 years younger than him. I have known them since they were little girls, and fell in love with them way back then. Over the years, they have developed into amazing, highly educated and beautiful women. I am extremely honored to call them my sisters. One of them got married to a wonderful man last Friday. We were blessed and privileged to be a part of their special day.
The wedding was at a gorgeous venue outside Annapolis on the bay. The storms prevented an outdoor wedding, but the ceremony and reception were still perfect.
Historic Annapolis

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Venue

Bridal Party

The Lovely Couple

My Dancing Fool

My two oldest: Cory and TJ

Jay with his sisters.

Me with my sisters.

Zach with Grandma.

Maddie with her Aunt Jessie.

Jay with his sister Sarah.

Me and Jessie.

My family. Me, Zach, TJ, Maddie, Jay and Cory.

First Dance

More dancing

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