Monday, April 30, 2012

Simple Lipstick Tricks

I have always loved lipstick- since I was a little girl, playing dress-up. I have gone through every lipstick trend since the early 90's. The fuchsia lip, the black based red lip, the burgundy lip, and the blood red lip. These days, the biggest trend is an orangish red. I have also noticed a lot more of a mauve lip color trending forward again.
I don't think I am a make-up expert. For better information, you should follow my girlfriend Kara's blog. She is an everyday girl, but the most knowledgable person I know about make up trends. You can find her at Find Your Fashion, Steal My Style. But here is what has worked for me.
Kara introduced some new colors, brands and product types to me over the course of my friendship with her. She did my makeup when my husband and I did our vow renewal. She is the one who talked me into wearing at least a light face covering. (I use Neutrogena Healthy Glow Sheers.)
Here is my basic every day make-up concept. I base my make-up on what I am wearing, for the most part. If it is casual, I will go with a casual look. Dressy, I add a little more. But for coloring, I prefer great neutrals for the eye. If I am going to do a red lip, I use more matte neutrals, little to no eyeliner, and usually a lighter mascara (like BadGal lash or They're real). If I am doing a glossy lip, I play up my eyes with more shimmery eyeshadows, eyeliner, and the heavy mascara (maybelline Falsies). I have two shades of the Tarte Cheek Stain, in Tipsy (natural) and Flush (brighter), I alternate those, depending on whether I want to highlight my cheeks, or just have a fresh look. I use the Tarte Amazonian clay Eyeliner pot. It is to DIE for, and I will never be without it. I use a stiff brush to dot it tight along my lash line, and sweep the corners out for a 60's feel.
Here is an example of a red lip look I did last week.

This is the Poppy King for J Crew red, but I have multiple lipsticks of the same varying shades. This one happens to look great on everyone I have ever seen it on. And you can vary the intensity by applying lightly or heavily. This is medium for me. For a glossy lip, my go-to is Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother. It has a cooling property, and an SPF. My sister and I have used it for years, I never go anywhere without it. I even use it when running. I have every shade available, but my favorite is Glisten.
Here are all the products I use on a regular basis. Does this help you, readers? I love to find out what products other people use, and have never done a make-up post that I can remember... Questions, comments?

My Make-up Bag

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