Friday, October 28, 2011

Thrifting Thursday (Only A Day Late!)

I realize this is Friday, but I didn't want to miss a week of talking about thrifting, since I have so many ideas to share with you.
One of the main reasons I love to thrift is to copy ideas that I have seen in magazines, catalogs or the internet. I like the idea of being able to recreate an idea without investing a lot of money into it.
It can be so overwhelming to walk into a thrift store without any idea of where to start, so I always have an ongoing list in my bag, just in case I completely flake out on why I came in. (Hey, I have four kids, it happens frequently!)
A few of the things on my list stay on my list forever. I have always loved Pyrex dishes, starting with the set my grandmother gave me out of her own kitchen (the bowls we used when she taught me to cook, growing up), and continuing with bowls and dishes that have been gifts from my family or thrifted over time.  A few weeks ago, I found this awesome set at a thrift store, only one of the bowls had been used.

 But this is my favorite print. It is called "Amish Butterprint"

This was my grandmother's set.
So those are things I am always looking for, because I love them.  But there are also things that are revolving. Things like jackets for my kids, snow pants (especially now), utensils and the like (for the camper we just bought), and specific pieces of furniture (depending on what room I am working on).
One of the things I found while antiquing with my cousins in Missouri was an exact replica of something that was on my wishlist at Anthro, significantly cheaper, and better colors- for my kitchen.  I was SO excited!

Anthro version: $68,
My version: $6

I started thrifting when I was a teenager. My best friend Heather and I used to buy GAP jeans, because they fit us the best, then we would go to the thrift store and get Guess jeans to cut the triangle label off the back pocket and sew them on our GAP jeans. (What, you didn't do this in high school?)
When I got married, I thrifted out of necessity.  We had very little money, and needed to furnish a house.  Over time, I found that even though I could afford to buy new furniture, I prefer to buy used. I don't like matching sets, I like solid, older pieces of furniture, and I like not worrying about anything getting damaged. I like a more eclectic/vintage feel to my home. I want people to feel warm and comfortable when they come in. (That's why I always leave a batch of laundry on the couch- so it looks like home...)

Have you ever found a look-alike of a coveted item?

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