Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Shoe Edition

Actually, these are in my home, but I took advantage of the Free Shipping Both Ways Special.
I ordered 5 pair, with the intention of keeping one, maybe two pair. But I am having a time deciding.
Here are the 5 pair I ordered:
Satin Swoops Heels
 First up are the Satin Swoop Heels by Lucky Penny.  I love these. They are even more beautiful in real life, and the comfort and fit are spot-on.  I think they are interesting, without being over the top (not that I have ever been afraid of that, mind you).  The satin outer would make them not suitable for everyday wear, but I think even once a week would be fine.  The insides are soft cushy leather, very comfortable.

Stacked Strap Heels
 Next are the Stacked Strap Heels by Schuler and Sons. I expected quality from this designer, as my other favorite pair of shoes are made by the same company. I absolutely love the color and design. There is an interesting star cut out detail and interesting cut to the heel, so these are cute coming and going.  I love that they are a skinny heel, but they have a platform toe body, and fully enclosed foot.  Great design. Very comfortable. Running in the top for my choice.

Grenadine T-Straps
 Here are the Grenadine T-Straps by Re-Mix. I love what this company is putting out right now- old skool look, new skool comfort.  They are beautiful shoes, and very comfortable, but with the other's I ordered, they are not a favorite. However, I would reconsider if they went to a great sale price, since I think they are very well made, and I like the unusual color matches.  The straps and heels are patent leather, but they are not obnoxious in my opinion.  The red is a perfect shade.

Antaresia T-Strap
These are the Antaresia T-Strap by Miss Albright. I loved the bow on top, so I ordered them on a whim. But since I seem to have fit issues with Miss Albright- as much as I love the designs they put out, I was skeptical. When I pulled them out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the softness. However, they did have a broken loop that holds the bow in place, so I knew they would need to be returned regardless. After noticing this flaw, I got to looking them over more carefully and noticed that neither bow is secure on either shoe. So if you go to try these on, check them over carefully.  I love the color and softness, but the fit is off once again on these. They seemed alright, but when I walked around my house, the felt floppy- even with the straps.  Make sure you try these beauties on to avoid the loose bow and to check the fit.

Jaunty Bow Heel
And last, but certainly not least are the Jaunty Bow Heels by Maloles.  These were the main reason I took the plunge and made such a large shoe order. However, I feel the only thing I can review is the color/quality.  They were VERY small. I have a couple of pair of Euro sizing shoes, and always went with a 38, which is what I ordered in these, but I felt like Cinderella's step-sister in these. They were so small on me.  It would have been the equivalent of me trying on a size 7, instead of my normal size 8. So I will be sending these back, much to my dismay.  I have ordered a size 39, and hope to be able to do a proper review of those.

I would love for you to tell me what you think. Which pair do you like the best? What shoes are you looking at right now for fall?  I am also looking for Hunter Wellies, and Frye Paige.  

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