Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Night in the BIG City (or what we like to call Wichita)

Ever since we got to Valley Center, we have been spending our time three places. Home, Jay's office, or the YMCA.  It is a really good thing, because we have been eating at home A LOT. And we needed to do that more.  But we had made plans earlier in the week to take the kids to Old Chicago on Saturday.  I called my Grandma who lives about 20 minutes from here and asked her if she would like to go with us.  Dinner was yummy, and we took Grandma to see Jay's office. She lives with my Aunt Deb and Uncle Bob, and they were kind enough to keep Jay and take care of him while he got his office up and running, and waited for us to get here.  I was excited to show her the office, and she just kept saying, "This is REALLY nice. So quiet and peaceful."  I need to take photographs to share with you, so you all can see just how great his office turned out.
Here is what I wore:
Tee: J Crew Tissue Folded Ribbons Tee
Shorts: J Crew Seersucker Zippy Shorts (from a groovy place in Wichita called Rock Star Boxer)
Cardi: F21 (old school)
Studded Belt: Thrifted
Bracelet: Omnifarious Bracelet

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