Monday, May 2, 2011

Listen Here, Anthropologie

Like I tell my kids, "Look at me when I am talking to you."  I wish Anthropologie would look at me and listen to what I say. I am sick and tired of my favorite-store-on-the-planet ruining my wishlist fun by continuing to put out drab, drab, drab offerings. Let me tell you something, my sweet store: We are not all rich Scarecrows, which means we do not need shapeless frocks at unreasonable price points.  Get it straight.  We love the old, whimsical, unusual Anthro. The one we could dream about and (try to) afford at sale time.  Case in point, the current dress options:
Granny Mae

Mamma Fern

The 80's called, they want you to
burn this dress immediately. 

Expensive Mu-Mu.

Seriously? I. Got. Nothin'.

Didn't I see this at "DEB"?
Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few beautiful dresses available right now, but you will have to kiss a few frogs to get to the Prince lately.  Think it is just the dresses?  No, you also have to wade through the boxy blouses to find something to actually give you a figure in the tops dept. as well.
I think my kids made potholders
out of this stuff. And $258?!

"I believe I can fly..."

I think they have this in the Blair catalog.

Um, no.

Why? Just, why?

Great pocket placement, huh?

Woodstock anyone?

Oh, and just one more puzzle for you:
Anyone have $555 laying around
for these Bad Boys? If I die, I am leaving
the button to Madison in my will.
Feeling less than inspired....
How 'bout you?

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