Monday, May 9, 2011

Anthro Drooling

Sometimes when people ask me what I am doing, I just say, "Anthro-Drooling." I feel a little guilty for bashing my favorite store. Let's face it, there is always a wishlist going on. So what's on mine?
En Route Blazer
(I have styled this in my head so many ways...)

Bette Cardigan
(The dark orange is my favorite colorway, but I like them all.)

Summer Souffle Dress
(Jay and I both like this, and I like the jacket with it.)

Wandering Wake Tank
(A must.)

Sprightly Shirtdress

Night Moves Chemise
(I wanted this as a dress, and love it on Lisa here.)

Happy As A Lark Sleep Pants
(I MUST have these. I adore birds,
plus I collected penguins.)

Saturn Sunhat
(I don't think I look great in hats,
but I would like to have one,
and this is very pretty.)

Sequence Bag
(I feel like the Wizard in Oz,
"Pay no attention to the price on this bag.")

Tooled Cholla Platforms
(I love the color, but would like to see in person.)

Corn Lane Slingbacks
(I have loved these since catalog debut.)

Tack Room Heels
(Love, love, love!)

Tack Room Platforms

Parabola Heels

Mayoria Necklace
(I want this in the worst way.)

Citrus Twist Necklace
(Perfect price point!)
I wish money were not object sometimes. Sigh. Gotta go, the dishes are calling.

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