Friday, April 22, 2011

Off Topic

Sorry my posts have been kind of random and unusual, but here they continue on the same vein....
Warning: This post is picture heavy. :)

More pictures from our trip to the Outer Banks, then a few of the Home and Garden Tour I did with my friend Mrs. Connie when I returned.

Tuesday night, went to Jockeys Ridge at sunset and ran all over the dunes. The kids had a BLAST and Nana and PawPaw tried to keep up!
Zach with Nana and PawPaw

My little sand monkey

Cory- sandsurfing

Nana and Zach
(he is her favorite)

Still climbing

Looking over the Ocean side

Looking over the sound side

You notice who the difficult one is, right?

Sort-a good.
And here are a few pics from the Virginia Beach Home & Garden Tour. We went to our lunch first, since my kids bombarded Mrs. Connie with all kinds of questions as she arrived to pick me up- so we were late getting started. It was a cold lunch at the Cavalier Yacht Club, set on the lawn along the water's edge. It was a beautiful day for the event. (Last year was rainy all day!)

Lunch area set-up

The flower arrangements were gorgeous everywhere we went.
The arrangements on the lunch tables featured tons of local flowers,
with birds in nests in the curly willow.
Then we started the tour of homes.  There were 5 all-together. Here are a few pictures I snuck in- mostly to get building ideas and flower arrangements.
Gorgeous arrangement. I am dying to re-create.

Beautiful pool-side landscaping.

I am a huge fan of pots. These are the ticket.

Love the mixture of tall and short.

There was a gorgeous print hanging on the front of the shelves.
Great idea!

Another great arrangement.

Look how cute! A nest made out of chicken wire, moss & plastic eggs!

Another beautiful poolside.

Along the walk from one house to the next.

Took these two for the wall color. To die for!

This one just a shade lighter of the same hue.

An idea I will absolutely execute: bookshelves tucked into the wall,
to the side of the stove- to house cookbooks.

Another beautiful pool.

Metal birds on the fireplace wall. Gorgeous!

I'll take two of those, please. Along with the pillow...

Also, this. Notice the terrazzo floors?

My favorite part of the house. The owner is a rider/trainer.

Oh, yeah!

The arrangement in the same room.
That is a wooden box!

Same house- looking out the master bedroom.
Orange/red bridge to nowhere? That's all me!

More pot ideas. Took these for Rhonda.

Tile ideas. Took these for Jay.

I am a Virginia Girl. 'Nuff said.

Already looking for a chair to do this with...

Another for Rhonda...

Beautiful refreshment display.

In the last house. I didn't love the house, but come on!
Who doesn't want a mini kitchen in the master bedroom?
I have been secretly wanting this for years!
(Already showed Jay!)
And last, but not least...
The tourers. (LOVE her!)

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