Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothin' In the Noggin

For fear of being considered an empty head (nothing could be further from the truth), I am going to now inundate you with all of the information that I have been processing for the past few months, days, weeks, whatever.
I was asked what kind of books I read from the "7 things about me" post. Basically, I am all over the map.
I teach women's Bible Study every week, so I am constantly reading things for new studies.  I also have a HUGE love for History, especially Presidential History and American (aka: Virginia) History, so I have stacks of books that run the gamut.   In addition to those two pretty heavy interests, I also like to read for fun, and my favorites are historical fiction, but I like to read all kinds of books.  Jay and I also like to read cookbooks for fun. (I know, it's kinda lame to read cookbooks, but we do like to cook, so it works out.)

So for Bible Study, I have been all over the place.  Everything from house and home type of studies, to social issues, to specific Bible passage studies.  Some of the more favorite studies- this is like asking me to pick a favorite child- are the Beth Moore studies, a book that I taught from years ago called, Intimate Issues, two novels that I have used for Bible Study groups, In His Steps & Not My Will (we are starting Not My Will again in two weeks.) Also, I love any study of the life of St. Paul- I feel like his conversion is the most relatable to my own life, and I love his teachings. You can find the life of Paul in Acts, Romans, I & II Corinthians, Acts, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians, I & II Timothy, Titus, & Philemon. I have a personal quest to do a study on the life of Paul on my own, and write a study guide.  A very vast undertaking, to say the least.  I started Bible study at age 18 under my aunt, and she is who guided me in my spiritual growth for years- I still go to her for counsel and questions.  Last year, we did a really fun session together where we teamed up to teach a study on the home.  Basically, a how-to on running an efficient home, raising Godly children, marriage relationships, and self-esteem (God-esteem).  It was great to work with her on that, since she is the one who taught me from the time I got married.  I love studying God's Word. Since I want to be a smart chic, I have to constantly ask God to make me smart for a purpose. I want to learn in order to be an encouragement to others.  To make change in myself and those around me....

For history reading, I focus much of my attention on Presidential history. I just finished President Bush's book, Decision Points. It was an EXCELLENT read. I can't say it enough.  I think everyone should read it, regardless of your political affiliation. It is so well written, and informative, and intelligent- without being difficult to read.  But mostly, I am reading my way through the presidents. I have already read several books on President Washington, and John Adams, and one or two on Thomas Jefferson. My favorite book so far has been David McCullough's John Adams. David McCullough has the ability to take hard to read/understand information and make it current and interesting.  I just picked up his 1776 last Friday, and can't wait to get started on it!  Along these lines, I also like Presidential Wives history, and try to throw some of that in as well.  Whenever possible, I visit museums and Presidential homes.  My kids have probably seen more of those than the average kid. :)  It helps to grow up here in Virginia, where history was made.

My grandfather was in the Army Corps of Engineer during WWII, building and destroying bridges for Allied troops in Germany and France, so I am drawn to that frame of American history too.  I have a few of my grandfather's history books, and they are treasures to me.  I spent the majority of my time with my grandparents growing up and was crazy about my Papa.  I just read John McCain's Faith of My Fathers, and it really gave me a better understanding of family service, and why my grandfather never got over his love for the Army.  He was shot by a German soldier while standing duty for his friend in the woods of Germany one day, and was sent home on medical leave, then honorably medically discharged.  I am the proud granddaughter of a hero.

So now you know a little more about my reading choices.  Now, what do you like to read? Do you have a passion about a certain topic?  I am getting more into politics the older I get. What about you?

Here are my OOTD's, hope you get a laugh from my poses.
Shirt: Merona Chambray, Target
Skirt: Trina Turk, thrifted ($1.98!)
Belt: Limited Leather, thrifted
Shoes: Banana Republic, thrifted
Necklace: American Eagle
Bracelet: Kenneth Cole, Dillards

Behind me:
A 100 year old settee from Jay's grandmother's home.
The platter on the wall is from Target.  I have the matching bowl too.
My aunt tries to take it home with her every time she comes over.
I don't buy a lot of home stuff at Target,
but that has been one of my best purchases.

Winding up for a jump!

My cute thrifted shoes.
My awesome thrifted belt.
This is what I wore Thursday while running around doing errands, one of the places I went was to the Salvation Army thrift store, to look for something to make a costume for Little Man's school program (he is going to be one of the Three Blind Mice!). While I was there, I looked through the racks- since all clothing is 1/2 price on Wednesday's.  I found this stunning vintage Lord & Taylor dress. It is all wool, and a very high quality wool, fully lined, and it perfect shape plus, it fits perfectly!  I bought it for $3.49, and it is already in the errands pile by the door to head right out to the dry cleaners. I can't wait till next winter to wear it!


  1. GREAT thrifting find. Looks fabulous on you too!! BTW, didn't tell you this morning how cute you looked. LOVE the skirt and shoes.

  2. Oops...forgot to say... Nothin' in the Noggin is NOT how I would describe you. Ever. Love your reading list. IF you weren't leaving soon I'd be borrowing books. BTW, I read cookbooks for fun too. :)

  3. great reading list! thomas just read decision points and he said all the same things. my fave book of all time amen is gone with the wind. love it. historical and romantical.
    and i think your styling on this outfit is perfect. perfect!!!
    and the jeans are a size 6. but the zipper rise is SO LOW that they always feel too small.

  4. You are beautiful and smart -- the ideal combo! Gorgeous dress! I must ask, what lip color are you wearing in these pics? It's so flattering! Best of luck to you on your upcoming move and new adventures in Kansas!

  5. wow! Great reading you are doing. Love your first outfit and can't believe you thrifted that Trina Turk for $2!! So awesome! The chambray looks great with it. My sister was reading your blog and loved your house and all your great finds.

  6. Great outfits! I have that bowl and platter too--Love them so much and I don't know why Target doesn't come out with more stuff like that!