Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vestiges of Fall OOTD

Well, I finally busted out my $22.46 SoHo special today!
I know it is Spring, but I couldn't wait any longer to wear it, plus the weather was nice enough today to be able to take my sweater off with this dress. It really looks better without a cardigan.
Dress: Anthro Vestiges
Belt: Anthro Cake Decoration
Shoes: Anthro Schuler & Sons Within the Lines Heels
Earrings: Anthro chandelier pearls
Bracelet: Cameo- gift from my Memaw (I know!)


  1. You look fantastic in that dress! And for $22 - holy cow, that is spectacular!

  2. VERY cute dress!

  3. You looked marvelous this morning. SOOO love this dress on you!!! Very cute indeed!

  4. SO PRETTY! This dress is gorgeous on you, and what a sweet price tag!