Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Being A Mom

This morning, Zach and I went to the gym, I dropped him off at school, then I ran home and showered and went with Madison's class to measure the oysters their class is cultivating. This is such a cool project her teacher put together.  They started them as tiny seeds in the classroom, then transferred them to mess bags in pvc pots in area inlets.  Today they went to pull them and measure, they measure again in April, then in May they pull the pots and take a whole day trip out in boats to the Bay to disperse them.  Oyster harvesting is a touchy subject here in the Chesapeake Bay area, since our oyster population dwindled due to over-harvesting. Then I grabbed a bite to eat and took my son to go pick up his class ring. The Big Dance is tomorrow night, and he has is tux and is all ready to go! How a 24 year old mother is old enough for this crap is beyond me. (Okay, 24+10.) But here we are.
The weather here was absolutely gorgeous today, so we played outside after school, and Zach and I took  a bike ride around the block. He is doing AWESOME without training wheels!
I am really going to miss living here in Virginia.  I was born and raised here (but lived in the midwest for 2 years), and have traveled all over the place- but I always thought Virginia was THE best state.  I have always loved and appreciated the beach, mountains, foliage, weather here, but I think I am paying even more attention, knowing that I will be moving soon.
This is my favorite time of year.  I love to see all the tiny buds of my plants and flowers coming up out of the cold earth, and everywhere you go around Hampton Roads, there are beautiful Bradford Pear trees, and Cherry Blossoms blooming. Even my baby Cherry Blossom tree is budding out with new blooms.  We planted it in the bare spot left during the Nor'Easter November of 2009, when we had two 80 year old Oak trees completely uproot. One fell forward over the street and took out the power lines, and one fell toward the front corner of our house, and hit our neighbors den.  Needless to say that was stressful. But life goes on, and like the tides, everything keeps on moving.  Look at me being all sappy and nostalgic!
I still can't figure out how to get the Polyvore on the same post as the actual writing and the pictures, so you get two posts today.  I am also including a pic of Zach with the baby chicks in his class from yesterday.

Shirt: J Crew Tissue Folded Ribbons Tee
Shorts: J Crew 5" Chino
(I like the shorts so much I am going to order a few more colors)
Shoes: Black Reefs
(Maddie had fish eggs in the cup.)


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have this time to appreciate all that is so wonderful and beautiful in the Hampton Roads area? Enjoy every moment. What a great project Maddie's class is doing! Great pic of you two...OOTD is adorable. And, I love the sweet pic of Zach with the chick.

  2. I love spring here in VA. I am a true northern midwest girl,but the spring and flowering tree here are amazing. It helps ease a bit of homesickness when I am surrounded by flowers. I liked your purchases above. Hopefully you were able to get to Richmond! It has been far too long since I have been in an actual store....