Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews (Part 1)

I went with Jay to DC this week to his interview, and had an Anthropologie filled trip!
We stopped in Richmond on the way up, and I took lots of pics for reviews.

I tried on a 6 in the skirt, and should have sized down to a 4.  I loved it. It is very bulky, and hippy, but I like the interesting details.  I think if I sized down, it would fit in a more streamlined way.  I tried this on when I was full-price, but it has since gone to sale.  I think I may go back for it.  I tried it on with a Pulling It Together Sweater, which I already have- just for the sake of being able to add it to my wardrobe seamlessly.
I was not a fan of the Endless Horizon. It is too short, but I tried on the x-small, and if I had sized up, it would have been too big. A definite no.
Knits & Tees - Clothes -
Geometry In Motion Skirt

Paired with Pulling It Together Sweater
I absolutely loved this chemise. I could see me using it as a go-to piece in Spring/Summer. I would need to wear a tank under it- without the sweater, which is why I photographed it with the sweater.  I tried on the x-small, and it was perfect, plus the straps are adjustable.  Wishlisted.
Nautical Dreaming Chemise

I tried on the small in this skirt, and should have sized down to an x-small, as I felt the hips were wide.  I loved the color, comfort and the length. Along with the price!  I paired it with this tee, b/c I liked the pattern.  I tried an x-small in this, and it fit well. It is a wonky hem, so I tucked it in. Not a love, just an "okay".
Garden Of Twilight Top
Drawing Parallels Skirt -

I can't find the color of these shorts online-only the navy, yellow and orange, but I believe they are the same. Both are made by Paperboy.  I tried on the 4, and would have liked to size up to a 6, to see how the waist fit (all my fun is in the booty area). I liked the fit overall, just wish the length were a smidge longer- but they are not immodest in my opinion.  I loved this blouse, and could see myself wearing it with skirts, pants, and shorts, so much versatility.  It went to sale after I tried it on too!
Herringbone Roll-Up Shorts -
Springing Season Blouse

I tried the small in this sweater, and the small in this skirt.  The pics look great, but it didn't feel great on. The skirt was too big, and the sweater felt too small.  No good here.
Safe Travels Pullover
Visionary Skirt -

I tried an x-small in this dress. It was a beautiful color and drape, and fit true to size. I liked it a lot, I just didn't love it.  However, I will reconsider it at sale.

More reviews later.............................


  1. wow so many pretty things it's hard to choose!

  2. So jealous that you made it to Richmond! Thanks for the helps me a ton, especially when I have been stuck home with two sick little ones.