Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 for 30, Day 24 (Just call me the hairless wonder)

I'm a pothole. (Anyone see that awesome Geico commercial?)

Not really. I am actually just your personal hairless wonder.
I went for the waxing today. One word. OUCH! But man, am I ever hairless. If you like pain, and don't like hair, you should totally do it.  I used the strips to sew that teddy bear for my little man. (He has the flu.)

Shirt: Old Navy, Long Sleeve Striped Tee
Tank: J Crew Ruffle Tank
Skirt: Target, Thrifted
Tights: Simply Vera, Kohls
Shoes: Seychelles, Kiss at Midnight Pump
Belt: Anthro, Cake Decoration Belt
Earrings: Touchstone Crystal
Bracelets: F21

Trying to keep the top of my head from being cut off!

Extreme close up. Lipstick in my stocking from Jay Santa. 
You like my Farrah Fawcett 'do?
My little girl showing off her thrifted finds.
Pics? Of course.

No hair.


  1. Ouch. but cute outfit worn by both lovely ladies.

  2. love the layered tank! Awww, look at your little girl! Cute!

  3. That sounds painful! I love the Farrah hair and you make me want those shoes every time you wear them.