Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 for 30, Day 17 (T.C.I.G.O.F- Read through to find out what this means)

Well, I guess I gotcha'.
Here's the OOTD. I did Bible Study this morning.  We are doing the Beth Moore study of David. "A Heart Like His", and it has been so spot on with everything going on in our lives.  I need the constant reminder that my hope is found in God and His Word, and not in myself and in other people.  We had a great group discussion this morning. And we have such an awesome group of girls.  I love getting ready for every week.
My cousin was asking me about the Daniel Fast, and I have been looking into it. The timing would be perfect for what Jay and I are praying over right now.  Have any of you done it?  Heard of it? Have suggestions?  The main thing I am worried about is the no coffee thing. That would be the hardest part.
Shirt: Anthropologie Soldierly Sparkle Tee (finally came!)
Shorts: Gap Wool (awesome)
Shoes: Keds Fall Champion Stripe (I have been coveting these since I went to Chicago last summer.)

I am such a Goopy Goober!

One without my head for good measure.
(I'd hate to disappoint!)

A close-up of my flippin' sweet shoes.
Oh, and the initials mean: This challenge is getting old fast. (It really is.)
What are ya'll wearin' today?


  1. I love those shoes! I did a Beth Moore study a few years ago on the Book of Daniel.... I wonder what the Daniel fast is??

  2. Those ARE flippin sweet shoes! I have a soft spot in my heart for Keds - I am kind of upset they did away with their trendy line, because I thought Keds was coming back strong!

  3. Chic- Google it! We can do it together. :)
    Lisa- Have they done away with it? I thought they WERE coming back! Check Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

  4. I have never done the Daniel fast, but have friends who have. From what I remembered, they really liked it.

    I love the shirt. How great is the weather we have been having? 75 tomorrow? Yes, please!

  5. now I have to look up the Daniel Fast. You look adorbs today (that is short for adorable). I almost bought that Beth Moore book at Ross the other day. Have you read Praying God's Word or Breaking Free?

  6. I'm new to your blog and just saw this post on the Daniel Fast. My church does a corporate fast every new year, and I did the Daniel Fast for the 3rd year in a row. I love it! Yes it's hard, yes you can only drink water, but it is so amazing! I use this website as a guideline Doing so, I am pretty strict about what I eat while on it. The key is to do your research and then read labels, read labels, read labels!

  7. Yvonne- Thanks for the info! I am seriously considering it. Honestly, the coffee part is the hardest thing! I will look at that website you gave me.