Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYC Anthro Haul!

How excited was I to rally from my sick bed week before last- on the day before leaving for New York City! The reason? The Super-Dooper Sale of the Century! Anthro's extra 25% off sale. PLUS, I had my birthday discount to use! That's right. I used BOTH.
My sweet man was kind enough to find a chair and sit patiently holding piles of possibilities (He likes it, I promise!) in not one, but two Anthro locations.  I hit the gorgeous Rockafeller Center location the first day, then tripped down to SoHo, so I could see that store. They are totally different.
All in all, I came away with a boat-load of deals:
Interpretation Chemise: $22.46

Elevenses Emerald Isle Coat: $63.71

Eloise Lunner Lounge tank: $12.72

Floreat Snow Egret Shift: $50.97

Girls from Savoy Vestiges Dress: $22.46!!!!!!

In the Heather Crops (Lounge) in brown: $19.09
And a smock necked brown tee that I CAN'T FIND THE NAME OF! The label is just a bunch of leaves and flowers, so I don't know the brand. Also $19.09!
I have already worn the crops- on the snow day. Call me nothing, if not literal. And I wore the Snowy Egret dress on Christmas Eve.
My mom and dad gave me money to shop with while in NYC, so I wrapped up the coat to myself from my parents, and opened it at our family Christmas, and proceeded to act surprised and excitied.  My mom got a kick out of it. (At least, I tell myself that. She probably thinks I am ridiculous. NO. She loved it. After all, I AM her favorite.)


  1. beyond awesome scores! love it all! I tried on the Snowy Egret tonight - it fit all wrong. I so love it

  2. What a fun trip! You scored some awesome such crazy good prices!!! Enjoy your haul!

  3. Thanks, Jenni.
    Peggy, I felt that way too. The first time I tried it on. But the bird thing is so me, I tried it again. I think it is all in the belting....