Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday OOTD

Yesterday was my (34th) birthday, but who's counting. Not me, but 34 is KINDA a big deal. I mean, you only turn 34 once, right?!
I had such a sweet day, and only stepped in dog poop (barefoot) once. I'd say that is a pretty sweet day.
Here is my OOTD, not really an OOTD pic, but with my girlfriend. And the friend who took the pic cut my cute shoes out. They totally made the outfit.  I forgive you Mill's- since you gave me such a funny card. Otherwise, "Forget aboudit."  Haha
Gap Twill Winter shorts (I got these at Magnificent Mile in Chicago- couldn't find another store that had them..)
J Crew ruffle blouse
Volcom sweater (thrifted for about $2)
Earings- on loan from Kara
Shoes- Gap flats pictured here


  1. Happy Birthday to you! You look really cute in this outfit..and I'm sure the shoes with it looked even better! =) Love how the belt pulls it all together...great looks! Hope you had a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope is was wonderful! Really cute outfit!