Sunday, November 21, 2010

Orange Glow OOTD

Here is our gorgeous Japanese Maple tree, and my sweet man had the idea all on his own to do OOTD pics today!  I love Sundays. I can "dress up" without everyone asking me why I am so "dressed". :)
I got this dress at the thrift store for $5, and the necklace at Anthro using a credit that was about to expire. My GF Allie came over this week to help me decide on Family Pic outfits, and also helped put together some other cute outfits.  This was one of them...

Mermaids Rainbow Necklace


  1. Wow--that tree is GORGEOUS!!! Love your cute's got a great mix of colors. And how cute are you and you kids!! Great picture.

  2. oh-la-la! That tree! It screams fall! I love that necklace and don't recall seeing it! I am supposed to take family pics next week and have not a clue what to wear on everyone!

  3. OH, girl. I JUST did family pics Sat. What a nightmare to decide on...
    Got the sitting over with, but now I have to decide what to order. She got some really great ones.
    Thanks, Jenni!

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