Monday, November 15, 2010

Charlottes Fashion

My best friend, Freda teased me about taking "cute" clothes to go camping, but you never know when you need some cute clothes...
Here are a couple of my thrift store finds:
Jeans: Forever 21
Shirt: Vintage Gap Navy Buffalo check (thrifted for pennies)
Sweater: J Crew Lambswool pullover (thrifted for $5.99)
Boots: Old Faithful- Ciao from DWS (featured in Real Simple!)
Scarf: Stand in Vegas $3
And a picture that is too hilarious for words.  TJ snapped this pic of my excitement over an Urban Outfitters sale. Notice the sign?  This was a wonderful historic district our friend JC told us about. We met him there, and walked and ate at a small pizza place (delish!). Boy am I glad I took some cute clothes! ;)

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