Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scarf Tying Tutorial

I love scarves. Not like I love my husband. That is so much more involved. Wait, maybe not. You see, I have all these scarves. I have an obsession with fabric. And pattern. And coffee. I digress....
I love vintage scarves, but I don't know how to tie them to make them cute with my outfit. I feel like the 80's are back (and I refuse to wear leg-warmers). I so desperately want to wear my cute scarves. They are begging me to try (actually, it is kind of annoying. Every time I open the closet door they start their obnoxious bickering again.).
So I found this tutorial on scarf tying. I think I will give it a try, if they promise to be quiet while I am teaching Bible study in the morning.

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